Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Ever since Laura and Matthew got engaged December 2005, The Berg Bunch (cheesy? yes) has spent Easter Weekend with the Crowells out in the Fredericksburg area at their ranch. It seems that I have met Laura in San Antonio a few times and followed them out into the Hill Country. Typically, I meet the parentals in Fredericksburg, we do some sort of window shopping and spend a bulk of our time tasting different salsas, dips, and fudge at Rustlin' Rob's. This all takes place the day before "Easter Festivities."
This year, we went to Clairlene's (Matthew's aunt) house for the celebration. Everyone brings food, and there is always more than one dessert table. This year, Laura made Maw-Maw's "death by chocolate" recipe, and I made her banana pudding. Deeeelicious. The best part about these desserts was being in San Antonio at Laura's making a giant mess in the kitchen with the girls getting into everything and Andy playing with Laney in the background. Andy and I drove down to Laura and Matthews on Thursday night so that we could head to the ranch with them on Friday. We headed to Fredericksburg Friday evening, met my parents at our vacation rental, and then of course Dad wanted to go get some German food. It's hilarious how much he gets into the cultural side of things.
Saturday was spent in Fredericksburg until a little after lunch when we headed out to Clairlene's. Food was delicious as always, and the confetti egg fight is something I always say I don't want to participate in once my belly is all full(well, I don't want to participate until we get started, then I am all in!). It is basically a bunch of full grown adults :) and a couple little kids running around the yard picking up confetti eggs and slamming them on each other's heads or smashing it down somebody's shirt. It really is a blast. It just takes me a second to wake back up after eating such a giant lunch. Everyone plays dominoes after all the egg cracking is over...well, the Berg family doesn't. We went to dye Easter eggs at Laura's in-law's house, and later in the evening, Andy and I walked around downtown Fredericksburg.
Sunday morning came incredibly at 8:15am and 20 minutes away. I know 6:30am is extremely typical during the week, but the weekend?! yikes...It was a great service though, and we had a good little brunch afterwards at the church. My nieces were absolutely precious in their matching dresses!
Here are some pictures of Easter weekend!