Saturday, January 29, 2011

Initiation As A Harcar

I love his family. He is the oldest of three could say it is nuts over at his house, but so much fun! His mother is wonderful and treats me as if I am a daughter. He is like his dad in that he more soft spoken, goes with the flow, and is very laid back (about most things).

About to head to the airport and leave PA
 We traveled to his home from December 21-24 (Andy stayed until the 28th). It is always so relaxing in his home. Susan Harcar is wonderful. She waits on us hand and foot and gives, gives, gives.
It was an extra special trip this year because A) we were newly engaged B) My brother, Landon, and his wife, Lauren, were up there looking for a place to live! He is now working and living literally 20 miles from my future in-laws.  We all went to dinner Tuesday the 22nd at a fanciful restaurant. Best crab cakes I’ve ever had, seriously! As always, the trip went by way too quickly, and it was time to go! Time to have Christmas at the Berg House.


Goobers! Take one...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pull The Trigger

We are finally pulling the trigger. Yes, even I made a commitment to spend the rest of my days with someone. Not just anyone...
How I met Andy Harcar...
We met through friends. I have a girlfriend who dated one of his former coworkers. He showed up at a sushi happy hour which included 20 of my fellow PA student friends, and I instantly saw him and thought he was too handsome for his own good. He has been persistent in telling me “no” when I ask him if he noticed me that evening. Rude! Haha. Somehow we eventually introduced ourselves on a night with a group of friends, and eventually we obtained each other's phone numbers.
We had our first date November 2007 (the first Sunday after thanksgiving), 2nd date right before Christmas on the 23rd when he took me to look at Christmas lights. Our 3rd date was December 28, 2007. We watched his alma mater, Penn State, play the Texas A&M Aggies in a bowl game, then we rang in the New Year together a couple days later.
Happy New Year!!

Then, a lull. A long lull.  Somehow, we didn't really start seeing each other consistently until February 2008. December and January were busy and hectic with school for me and work for him, and it took so long to get to the point of consistently seeing each other.  Then a few fun years passed. Years full of trips to Colorado and Pennsylvania, snowboarding, tradition of looking at Christmas lights every year, renting movies, Long walks on the trail, Coffee mornings, July 4th Celebrations, Rough Riders baseball games, Sunday night church, Monday night football J, Discovering new restaurants and enjoying old ones, The Office as well as Parks and Recreation television shows. The first 'I love you' was a year to the day from our first date, and we went to brunch at the same restaurant (Breadwinners). We have so many fun, simple yet meaningful memories.

4th of July 2009

Colorado 2008

He proposed on December 18, 2010. I know, finally ;) Teasing.  I came home from work, and there were some beautiful white hydrangias with a cute little rhyme that confessed to noticing me at Sushi Happy Hour so many years ago and wishing we would’ve spoken. Not a usual thing to happen on an evening, but it was not unusual to receive flowers from my other half. There was actually a very sweet letter on the back of the little rhyme that he intended for me to read We then headed to Highland Park to walk around and look at Christmas lights, tradition you see.
We walked near the water looking at Christmas lights and through the neighborhoods. On our way back, I stopped in front of a beautiful house and was commenting on some lights and berries or something, and then there was a box. Then me tackling Andy. Then a charming man down on one knee only to be tackled once more.  
I actually had no idea and had essentially given up on him ever proposing because we had talked about it so long ago. I convinced myself it would never happen.  Then we lived happily ever after. Kidding, not yet. There is still much to be said. Much to plan.