Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Fabulous Five Days!

It began Wednesday morning (March 23) when I got off of work...I went home, took a quick nap, and my mom came over around 1:00. We went to Antebellum Design to discuss floral designs, and then we headed to get manicure/pedicures! Good good times. My mom is seriously the best! That evening she went to Aunt Susan's, and Andy and I went to church to continue our premarital counseling.

Thursday was a little hectic with errands that morning, haircut, then headed to Fort Worth to meet two incredible people, husband and wife team Chad and Tressie Zellner of Two Pair Photography. We had a fan-freakin-tastic time with these two taking our engagement pictures. They are extremely talented, fun, and a joy to hang out with! Andy thought he'd start the session out by taking a picture of me on his iPhone. Yes, happy :) Check out the beautiful flowers Andy got me!

Thursday evening, Andy's momma Susan flew in, so Andy picked her up at about 9:00, and I went to see my sister, nieces, my momma, and Aunt Susan in Garland for dinner.

Friday morning came quick, and I went to pick Susan up at Andy's at about 8:30am. We met my mom, sister, and nieces at Oddfellows in the Bishop's Art District for coffee. Poor Landry threw up in Laura's car on the way over, and then again outside the coffee shop. Typical story. Luckily, Laura has learned to always be prepared and packs extra clothes, wipes, etc...Her precious Landry may have been sick, but she is always smiling and sweet as can be.  There were more episodes of "vomit" throughout the day, poor baby. Laura and I just drove with the windows down b/c as you can imagine, we needed some fresh air :)

Look at that sweet Landry smiling as her momma takes a picture

We went to the Fort Worth Club so that Laura and Susan could see where all the food/dancing/party would take place after our ceremony! We then headed to Creme de la Creme for our very first cake tasting. Delicious! The cakes were oh-so-good! And, about the time to leave, Laney happened to spill a glass of water all over my lap ;) All you can do is laugh. It is always more hectic with two little ones, BUT I would not have it any other way. Our adventures on Friday would not have been the same without these girls. They make my heart smile, best part of my day.




What was left after the water spill  :)

Once we were filled to the brim with cake, we went to the Marty Leonard Chapel for a quick visit. It is still so charming, and I cannot wait to stand in there with my Andy! From the MLC, we headed to Classy Concepts in Mansfield so my sister and Susan could have a peak at my dress and the bridesmaids' dress. Then a quick bite at Which Wich. Laura and the girls headed back to San Antonio after this. Mom, Susan, and I headed to Delicous Cakes for a little more cake...yum yum yum!

What a day! We headed home after the last bites of cake to get cleaned up for dinner at Park Restaurant on Henderson Avenue. It was a good time to relax, have a mojito, and chit chat about the days events! And Andy got to come, and I couldn't wait to see him.

Saturday was another day of fun! My mom picked me up a little before 10am, and we headed to The Cake Guys and yes, ate more cake, grabbed coffee and donuts, then headed to Fort Worth to meet Andy and Susan at Joseph A Banks. Time to decide on wedding attire for the groomsmen and Andy. A little stressful, but we think we have a pretty good idea of what they will wear.
We then took a quick trip to the Blue Bonnet Bakery to have a taste of their goodies! Yes, by this time, sugar coma.

Then to the Stockyards we went! We took a little stroll around, and then had lunch at Cooper's BBQ. This place is one of mine and Andy's favorite BBQ places. We first had Cooper's in Llano, TX, and we had no idea that one even existed in Fort Worth until very recently...Thank you to Jorja for figuring this out for us! This place is awesome.
The day was almost over, but it would not have been complete without a little trip to the dog show :) Yes, we went to a dog show for a little fun. What a hoot! Some pictures from the day's festivities:




My brother's nickname! We loved finding this sign! Craziness




Good times at the dog show!

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